Another muddy walk!
Another muddy walk!

Sessions are structured in line with the EYFS (Early years Foundation Stage), to provide a balanced combination of formal teaching and directed free play. Some children attend all available sessions, others fewer depending on age, parental preference and Staff recommendation.

The morning and afternoon sessions are structured in a similar way with opportunities for free play and directed activities, snack time and assembly time, quiet time and time outside. During these different times we learn and practise our numbers and letter sounds, we develop and practise our physical skills, we explore the world around us and link places we know to places we have only heard about, we find pleasure in stories, music, movement, paint and glue. Most importantly we learn about ourselves, how special we are to God, and how to get on with our friends!

We often find that the pace of the afternoon is often gentler, particularly if the children are staying all day. The activities are adapted to reflect the mood and requirements of the group of children in Nursery at that time.

Much use is made of the outside environment, whether its the surrounding playground, or the village with its woods and fields.