The Gateway Nursery School fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection.

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Our Principles

Safeguarding arrangements at The Gateway Nursery School are underpinned by three key principles:

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility: all Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) should play their full part in keeping children safe;
  • We will aim to protecting children using national, local and school child protection procedures;
  • That all Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) have a clear understanding regarding abuse and neglect in all forms; including how to identify, respond and report. This also includes knowledge in the process for allegations against professionals.¬† Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) should feel confident that they can report all matters of Safeguarding in the School or College where the information will be dealt with swiftly and securely, following the correct procedures with the safety and wellbeing of the children in mind at all times.
  • That we operate a child-centred approach: a clear understanding of the needs, wishes, views and voices of children.

Our Policy

below is an outline of our policy.
Please download the policy document for complete information.

There are 6 main elements to our Policy, which are described in the following sections:

  • The types of abuse that are covered by the policy;
  • The signs of abuse that all Staff (Governors and Volunteers) should look out for;
  • Roles and responsibilities for Safeguarding;
  • Expectations of Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) with regard to Safeguarding, and the procedures and processes that should be followed, including the support provided to children ;
  • How the nursery¬† will ensure that all Staff, (Governors and Volunteers) are appropriately trained, and checked for their suitability to work within the School;
  • How the policy will be managed and have its delivery overseen.

Through implementation of this policy we will ensure that our nursery provides a safe environment for children to learn and develop.  We will cross reference to other policies relevant to our safeguarding in the nursery and make reference to them in this policy where relevant.