May my child attend Nursery if they are unwell?
Inevitably your child may occasionally be under the weather with mild illnesses such as coughs and colds. In such circumstances, children are welcome to continue to attend nursery. We have a plentiful supply of tissues and water to make them comfortable, provide additional time to rest or remain inside the building as appropriate.

If you wish to give your child ‘Calpol’ or similar medication, or if they have mediation from the doctor, please complete a ‘Permission to administer medicine’ slip. These can be collected from the yellow staff box in the entrance area.
Should your child show any signs of fever it is more appropriate for them to be cared for at home.

In any instance of tummy bugs, children must have a full clear day and have taken at least one full meal without further problems before they are fit to return to nursery.

Please seek the advice of Staff about other complaints. There is a policy document available in the staff room for reference. If at any point during a session your child’s well-being is cause for concern, Staff will ring you at the earliest opportunity.

We ask parents to ensure that all contact numbers are kept up-to-date and we may well ask you to confirm this on a regular basis.