How does Nursery promote a healthy diet?
We have group snack times where the children and staff sit down together. We use this time to further their social interaction as well as their learning. Shapes and numbers, sounds and texture, healthy food and treats, categorizing and sorting are just some of the more obvious themes that are covered while we eat.

The children are usually offered a plain savoury cracker, that is low in fat,salt and sugar, a selection of fruit and or vegetable and milk or water to drink.

We regularly cook and eat a variety of other foods with the children; Moroccan vegetable stew in the Autumn colour week (it’s orange and full of root vegetables!), falafel, tandoori flavoured chicken at Divali, pancakes, stir fired vegetable at Chinese New Year, macaroni pudding at Eid, cakes to share with the old people in local almshouses and most recently leeks while celebrating St David’s Day.

Equally we are happy to share a birthday cake with the children as we share a celebration.

In the winter appropriate warm drinks are offered, and toast, small jacket potato, rice pudding or porridge.

The breakfast requirements of children who attend ‘Rise and Shine’ are discussed with their parents but toast or cereal, fresh fruit and a drink are offered.

Those children staying for a lunch session bring a packed lunch with them. The ‘Food Policy’ has recommendations about the content of the lunch box to assist parents.

Any allergies are noted and accommodated and the children’s preferences used as a starting point to persuade them to try new things.

Water is always available for the children.