At the Gateway Nursery, we recognise the importance of family-life and we aim to help your child settle quickly and feel equally part of the nursery family. We know that children settle more easily when parents feel secure and confident and so we will make every effort to get to know you better.

We welcome your interest and support and are keen to hear and respond to your questions and concerns, recognising that you are the most important person in your child’s emotional, social and academic development.

For our part, we trust that we have created a secure and relaxed environment from the moment you drop your child off to the time you pick them up. Both of which are supervised by a senior member of staff. These are important times that provide reassurance for children and parents and give both us and you a chance to share those little things day to day that will make your child’s time at Nursery more rewarding.

Where necessary, we are also able to arrange a more formal meeting should there be a need to discuss anything more personal or important. As part of this process, at the end of each term, there will be a chance to review your child’s progress where we welcome your input and feedback. This will also give us an opportunity to discuss any observations or issues and agree the ‘Next Steps’ for your child.

Your support and help with practical matters, sharing a skill or helping out is always welcomed. Each term we look forward to ‘celebration’ where we recognise what the children have been doing and invite, staff, parents and friends of nursery to attend.

Each year we also have a special ‘Dad’s Day’ which coincides with Father’s Day. This has proven to be very successful and is always a lot of fun!

We have an informal network of ‘Nursery friends’ from the local church, village community, or simply parent of former pupils, whom we visit or from whom we borrow resources and expertise. We are also supported and take seriously our aim to reflect a Christian ethos as a ministry of the local church.